Stunning Patterns for Your Driveway with Imprinted Surfacing from Staffordshire & Shropshire

Enjoy patterns that are unlike any others you have seen for your driveway or patio. At PGM Exteriors in Newport, Shropshire, we provide imprinted driveways and surfacing with stunning designs that require little to no maintenance.

Practical yet Beautiful Designs

Imprinted, resin-bound driveways follow the same process as the original resin-bound options, except they allow the resin to be laid with a set pattern imprinted into the substance. This offers a bespoke finish to your driveway or patio. The benefits are extensive, and include: 

  • Vibrancy of Colour 
  • No Cracking 
  • No More Coats Needed after a Certain Amount of Time
  • Non-Slip Surface 
  • Small Amount of Maintenance Required

Personal yet Professional Service

With a wide range of patterns available to suit your personal requirements, we are always happy to work directly with you to obtain your most suitable design.

Contact us in Staffordshire & Shropshire

to consult our expertise on imprinted driveways and surfacing.